Tetakawi Employee and Payroll Benefits Administration

With Tetakawi as your business partner, you can be sure your employees are compensated correctly, on time, and in compliance. Our Payroll team understands all requirements for gross pay, benefits, and deductions as required by Mexican Federal Labor Laws, which are calculated and incorporated correctly while processing payroll for employees and workers.

As the employer of record for our business workforce in each of our Manufacturing Communities, our expert Payroll Team works with human resource coordinators in your plants to deliver accurate, on-time payroll services to more than 24,000 employees each week. Our payroll assistance program can handle compensation and employee benefits for organizations.


Easy Clock-In and Electronic Employee Payroll

Time and attendance devices installed in each of your facilities make it easy for employees to clock in with their badges. Our robust electronic payroll system captures employee attendance data in real-time to ensure your plant managers, human resource coordinators can easily review and approve payroll hours worked, overtime, and time off for illness, vacation, and holidays. The program can also ensure that your employees are staying in compliance with payroll policies.


Verified, Accurate Pay

Our payroll team verifies the accuracy of employee gross pay, benefits, and other deductions, as well as the employer’s portion of payroll costs. A key component of employee retention, benefits are clearly explained and employees are given guidance on how to take advantage of housing savings, retirement, and consumer spending plans. Employee benefits can also include health insurance. You can customize the payroll and employee benefits to your specific business needs.


Easy Employee Payroll Fund Withdrawal

Each employee is issued a payroll debit card which they can use to withdraw funds from automatic payroll deposits. Payroll checks are delivered to your plant manager for disbursement to employees when needed.

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