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The capital of Mexico’s third-largest state, Saltillo’s central manufacturing location is prized for its access to both the U.S. and Mexican markets.

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Saltillo’s Strong Auto Foundation Draws Companies Across Industries

Set high in the arid Sierra Madre Oriental mountains, Saltillo is a sprawling, fast-growing city in Mexico's northern desert. Known as the "Detroit of Mexico," Saltillo is the capital of Coahuila, Mexico's third-largest state. It is widely revered for its strength in the automotive market, which dates back to the early 1980s with Chrysler and General Motors' entrance. Since that time, the city's strong industrial foundation has fostered a robust manufacturing economy in the region overall. Companies are drawn to Saltillo for its skilled workforce, well-connected infrastructure, competitive incentives, and prime location. Today, manufacturers across the aerospaceplastics, and electronics markets flock to Saltillo for its enticing appeal. Less than an hour away from Monterrey, Saltillo is a destination location for companies who want to operate in one of Mexico’s most industrialized regions at the lowest possible cost.

  • Goods are easily transported to markets in Mexico and the world via land, air, and sea via a well-connected transit network, an international air terminal in Saltillo's regional airport, and access to ports along the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Saltillo's education-focused infrastructure promotes technical and engineering training with 16 universities, 12 technical training institutes, and 11 research centers.
  • Beyond its industrial appeal, visitors to Saltillo are attracted to its rich cultural history, convenient access to attractions, and bustling, energetic atmosphere driven by a large student population.



Distance to U.S. Border:

210 Miles from McAllen, Texas

International Airport:

Monterrey International Airport

Plan de Guadalupe International Airport

International Road & Rail:

Fed. Mex 57, Mex 40, Ferromex, Kansas City
Southern Mexico Rail Services

Avg. Hourly Wage:

USD $3.32

Number of Maquiladoras:


Avg. Monthly Lease Rate:

USD $0.49 per ft²

Avg. Monthly Turnover:


What to Know About Manufacturing in Saltillo

Strategic Location

Despite not being a Mexican border city, Saltillo's infrastructure makes goods transport seamless with easy access to all of North America via the "NAFTA Highway" (Mex-57, Mex-85, and I-35). A mere 50-mile drive connects Saltillo to Mexico's industrial center, Monterrey.

Growing Workforce

With a population of more than 984,000 in the metro area, Saltillo delivers a highly skilled workforce that boasts productivity rates among Mexico's highest. The manufacturing sector employs approximately 40 percent of the city's economically active population.

Existing Industry

Saltillo's automotive sector is extremely strong and accounts for 14 percent of all automotive component operations in Mexico. Thirty percent of passenger vehicles and 62 percent of trucks produced in Mexico are also assembled in Saltillo.

Quality of Life

Foreign nationals living in Saltillo will find the area friendly, safe, and well-equipped with modern conveniences. Though downtown living provides expedient access to shops and attractions, many choose to locate on the city's far north side.

The Tetakawi Advantage in Saltillo

Whether you’re establishing a new venture in Mexico or expanding an existing one, Tetakawi can help your company launch, operate, and thrive in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico. With over 34 years of experience, our experts are well-versed in the local manufacturing landscape and can give you the tools to make strategic and actionable site selection decisions. From understanding industrial real estate in Saltillo to offering the right wages in Saltillo’s labor market, we can help maximize your company’s success.

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How can Tetakawi help you manufacture in Saltillo?

If you’re wondering how and where to manufacture in Saltillo, Tetakawi offers sites and services that make start-up seamless.

Shelter Services

Set up manufacturing in Saltillo the simple way with shelter services: an easy, low-risk, cost-effective approach to manufacturing in Mexico.
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Manufacturing Communities

Get up and running quickly with turn-key facilities that combine Class A industrial real estate, on-site support, and shelter services.
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Advisory Services

Work with a trusted partner to get a custom Saltillo entry plan that is well-informed and actionable – from site selection to cost estimation.
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