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Why Queretaro?

Strategic Location

  • 45 million people within a 215-mile radius.
  • 16 Automotive Assembly Plants within a 3.5-hour drive.
  • 22 Industrial parks in the city of Queretaro and 40 in the State.

Growing Workforce

  • 1.2 Million People live in the city of Queretaro and 2.09 million live in the state.
  • Each day 67 people move into the state.
  • 28 Technical schools, 39 Universities, Aeronautic training center, and an IT training center.

Existing Industry

  • Automotive: Queretaro is home to over 100 Tier 1 companies and 200 Tier 2 manufacturers.
  • Aerospace: Queretaro is home to 2 OEMs and over 25 Tier 1 and Tier 2 Suppliers.

Quality of Life

  • Queretaro is one of the safest cities in Mexico.
  • Queretaro hosts more than 10,000 foreign visitors each year.
  • 15 international schools for US, Canadian, German and French nationals.
Queretaro - Manufacturing location in Mexico
Queretaro - Mexicos fastest growing manufacturing location

How can Tetakawi help you manufacture in Queretaro?

foreign company using shelter services in Mexico

Shelter Services

Get immediate access to the permits, people, and services that you need to manufacture in Queretaro.

Start-Up services for manufacturing in Mexico

Start-Up Services

Set up your own subsidiary in Queretaro while ensuring the lowest possible risks and start-up costs.

Payroll Administration Services in Mexico

Payroll Administration

Ensure that your employees are compensated accurately, on time, and in complete compliance with Mexican authorities.

Import & Export Services in Mexico

Import and Export

Reduce border crossing times and keep the goods in your supply chain moving - without the headaches.

The Tetakawi Advantage

We are the quickest and most cost-effective way for your company to manufacture in Queretaro!

Set up your own operation in as little as

90 Days

Reduce operating costs by up to


Improve manufacturing productivity and efficiency by up to


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