Mazatlán Manufacturing Community and Industrial Park

A 100-acre Premier Manufacturing Development, Operational by May 2024.

Welcome to Mazatlán

Situated on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, Mazatlán is a destination location for manufacturing companies across all industries aiming to attract and retain a ready and willing workforce. Our Mazatlán Manufacturing Community, a 100-acre development slated to be operational by May 2024, stands as a beacon of opportunity, offering a robust infrastructure for businesses to launch, operate, and thrive. With a wealth of labor within a 30-mile radius, this manufacturing utopia is not only strategically located but is also engineered for success, setting the stage for a thriving manufacturing ecosystem.

Mazatlán Manufacturing Community

Strategic Location

Mazatlán, with a population of 501,441, is a prime location for industries aiming to access a stable workforce, particularly in aerospace, automotive, medical device, and electronics manufacturing. Its advantageous geographical position facilitates access to essential transportation and market hubs. Below are the distances from Tetakawi's Mazatlán Manufacturing Community to key points:

1 mile from Mazatlán International Airport
15 miles from the Port of Mazatlán
521 miles from Monterrey, Nuevo León
652 miles from McAllen, Texas

Superior Infrastructure

Mazatlán Manufacturing Community has everything essential for your business to prosper. With abundant access to water, reliable power, and world-class security standards, you can have confidence in a safe and dependable infrastructure to meet your business needs in Mazatlán.

On-Site Services

Operating in our Mazatlán Manufacturing Community allows you to take advantage of economies of scale. Focus on your core competency – manufacturing – while we take care of the rest.

Human Resources

Get relief from HR administration headaches. We’ll manage your complete employee lifecycle from recruiting to termination.

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Import & Export

Ensure that your goods cross the border in compliance, and with the lowest possible cost. Our Import/Export team can help you navigate regulatory requirements.

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Payroll & Benefits

Pay your employees accurately, on time, and in compliance with Mexican Labor Law by leveraging our know-how and proprietary software.

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Accounting & Taxes

Get peace of mind knowing that you’re 100% compliant – our experts have you covered for VAT tracking, reimbursement, fiscal reporting, and more.

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Facilities Management

Ensure your operations run smoothly. Our Facilities Management team will help implement preventative maintenance that maximizes uptime and lowers costs.

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Get the best value out of your budget – our purchasing experts will help reduce costs on consumable, MRO, packing supply, and other indirect item and service purchases.

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Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety

Maximize your commitment to employee health and safety – our team will liaise between your operation in Mexico and government environmental, health, and safety departments.

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Workforce Transportation

Access the best in employee transportation infrastructure – ensure your employees can get to work and home on time.

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Soft Landing

Streamline your communications with a dedicated Tetakawi expert that will be your single point of contact throughout the setup, launch, and operations process activities.

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Talk to a Tetakawi expert about how we can help you launch, operate and thrive in Mazatlán.