Tetakawi Import and Export

Tetakawi Import and Export and Cross Dock teams work diligently with you to ensure all goods cross the border in a timely manner and in compliance with customs regulations while minimizing your costs.

Our interactive Import and Export and Cross Dock Systems provide accuracy in generating commercial invoices and reduce errors in freight handling. This gives you the ability to monitor and track all material shipped through Tetakawi cross docks, in addition to being convenient, efficient, and accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.


In-Depth Start-Up Training

Before any goods are shipped to you in Mexico, the Import and Export Management team provides general training on importing and exporting in the country. Some of the topics covered in the training are:

  • Terminology and overview of importation and exportation
  • Completing the start-up checklist and setting up your information in the Import/Export system
  • Classification of goods according to Harmonized Tariff Schedules (HTS)
  • Importing and exporting goods into and out of Mexico
  • Transfer of goods within Mexico
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Duty reduction programs
  • Scheduling a visit to the CBP at the port of entry to introduce you to customs brokers


Inbound Import and Export Activities

We manage all aspects of the cross-docking process including freight piece handling and tracking, Mexican broker inspections, notification to you of any damaged goods received, and trans-loading goods to be imported into Mexico.

Our team will also be in daily coordination with you regarding the details of each shipment required to process commercial invoices for customs declarations of importations into Mexico and within Mexico transfers. Additionally, Mexico tariff classifications and duty rates are determined along with the application of duty reduction programs to qualified material. The Import and Export team also works to resolve any issues that may arise from Mexican authorities in processing inbound shipments.


Mexican Customs Compliance

Working closely with you, our Import and Export team handles all aspects of Mexican Customs Compliance as the importer and exporter on record in Mexico. We manage Mexican Customs brokers, Mexican tariff classifications, import duties, compliance with trade agreements, myriad permits and certificates, Mexican regulatory risk, and regulatory reporting. Our experts also comply with inventory control in accordance with Anexo 24, manage external regulatory audits, and research and interpret pertinent Mexican Customs Laws and Regulations to ensure you are in full compliance.


Outbound Import and Export Activities

Outbound shipments are received at our cross docking stations and trans-loaded for your freight carrier to their final destinations. You are notified of any damage or discrepancies to the material.

In collaboration with you, the Import and Export team reviews and processes information needed to prepare commercial invoices for outbound exportation out of Mexico and in-Mexico transfers. Outbound shipments out of Mexico are tracked to ensure all goods clear Mexican and the United States customs. You are notified immediately of any delays, problems or security breaches that may occur during border crossing.

Tetakawi’s US Customs support experts act as a liaison between you and United States Customs Brokers and authorities to assist with U.S. customs compliance in areas such as exporter NAFTA Certificates, valuation and reconciliation, classification, rules of origin, informed compliance, reasonable care, C-TPAT and record keeping.


Convenient Import/Export Technology

Our customized Import/Export System with EDI capabilities greatly increases efficiency when generating commercial invoices. The interactive system allows you to directly enter the information required to process your shipments and update your Bill of Materials. Additional features allow commercial invoices, including in-Mexico transactions, to be created and sent to all involved parties and reconcile inventory, as well as provide electronic record keeping and tracking of NAFTA certificates and other required permits.

With the use of our customized interactive Cross Dock System, you can monitor and track the movement of your shipments from the time of arrival at our Cross Dock to the departure time for their final destination. Viewing of current and past inventory that has been moved through the Tetakawi Cross Docks is also available.

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