Advisory and Consulting Services for Manufacturing in Mexico

Rely on sound, strategic advice to guide your Mexico entry or manufacturing expansion plan.

Make Informed Decisions with Expert Advice

Whether you're developing a Mexico entry plan or already have one in place, make the right decisions with expert advice from Tetakawi Advisers. Our services are built on strategy, driven by experience, and tailored to meet the unique needs of your business.

Advisory Support Services

Work with one of our consultants to answer your questions about manufacturing in Mexico with expertise, know-how, and detailed analysis.

Tailored Consulting - Tetakawi

Mexico Cost Estimation

How much would it cost you to manufacture in Mexico?  Tetakawi provides the detailed information you need to make data-driven decisions with proven tools.

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Site Selection - Tetakawi

Site Selection 

Where should you locate your facility in Mexico? Tetakawi can help ensure the success of your operation by identifying venues that align with your goals and requirements.

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In-House Seminars

How can my team become more educated about manufacturing in Mexico? Tetakawi facilitates on-site workshops to cover all aspects of manufacturing in Mexico.

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Custom Analysis - Tetakawi

Tailored Consulting

How can I get specific information about manufacturing in Mexico? Tetakawi provides tailored consulting services to investigate, analyze and answer your questions about manufacturing in Mexico.

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Customs Analysis

What are the regulations for exporting my product from Mexico? Tetakawi can help make sure you're correctly classifying goods and eliminate duties or tariffs.

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Why Tetakawi?

Our team has the capacity and know-how to answer your questions, help solve problems, and make decisions.

  • 34 Years of Experience
  • Real Time Operational Data
  • Depth of Resources
  • Manufacturing Expertise
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