How do you create and execute your strategy for expanding your business into Mexico?

Whether you have just started thinking about expanding into Mexico or are already there, you understand the importance of a sound strategy for implementation. The reasoning behind your strategy and the details of your plan will be unique to your business, and you know your business well. But you need to know just as much about Mexico to make the right decisions, and you may also need guidance to help implement your plan once you have a strategy. Where do you find the right advisors who can help gather the data you need or support your implementation?

What kind of Advisor do you need?

Knowledgeable Across Operations: You want a company with a complete understanding of operating in Mexico. You want to avoid coordinating multiple domain experts from different organizations. A single organization that has a deep understanding of operating in Mexico will be able to respond flexibly to your needs while keeping your organization’s bigger picture clearly in focus.

Experts at Both Strategy and Implementation: Providing advice is helpful but implementation is critical. An advisor that can do not just one, but both, gives you the opportunity to seamlessly transition from information gathering through planning to implementation with the same trusted partner, without the need for re-education which can cause delays and miscommunication.

Trustworthy and Capable: There are many reliable and competent individuals and organizations in Mexico. But there are also some who are incompetent, unscrupulous or worse. Being able to tell the difference can be difficult and recovering from a mistake using the Mexican legal system can be a lengthy and difficult process. You need to be confident that your chosen partner is honest, capable and can deliver on their commitments.

Where do I turn for a reliable advisor in Mexico?

Tetakawi expert advisors support more than 75 foreign companies currently operating in Mexico and can provide you with the tools and support you need. We are an American company with extensive operations in Mexico so we understand international business and the Mexican operating environment. We can provide a customized plan tailored to your needs. Whether you need specific data, advice on doing business in Mexico, or expert resources to help with your implementation project, Tetakawi can fill in the gaps. Whatever you need to develop or implement your strategy, we can help. Here is a short list of some of the projects we have done in the past:

  • Supply Chain identification and qualification
  • Field studies on specific labor markets
  • Project Management of facility construction and equipment installation
  • Negotiation with government officials for incentive or regulatory requirements
  • Environmental and Health and Safety advice for Mexico
  • Due diligence for a Mexican acquisition
  • Soft landing launch services
  • Strategic planning and business plan development

Working with a trusted advisor can reduce risk and increase your chance of success. Does your organization need to:

  • Develop a strategy for Mexico?
  • Prepare a business plan for Mexican investment?
  • Find specific data or information to support your strategic process?
  • Find qualified suppliers in Mexico?
  • Find expert Mexican resources?
  • Develop and manage a launch plan?
  • Locate qualified service providers in Mexico?
  • Answer a critical business question in order to decide on your strategy for Mexico?


How can Tetakawi help you develop your Mexico strategy?

The Tetakawi Tailored Consulting Service begins with a needs analysis.  Once we understand your requirements, we will prepare a customized proposal for the services you require. Our proposal will outline our work process, specify our deliverables and provide a schedule for the work.  Our service can be as simple as providing data to resolve a critical strategic question or as complex as managing the complete startup process for your Mexican facility.

Ready to get help creating or implementing your Mexico strategy?

Contact us to talk with a Tetakawi Advisor.