HVAC Manufacturers in Mexico: A Top Location for Global HVAC Companies

Boosted by global industry development and driven by cost savings, the market for HVAC manufacturing in Mexico shows no signs of cooling off.

The Commercial HVAC Manufacturing Market In Mexico Is Heating Up

Mexico has long been established as a stronghold for HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) manufacturers, which encompasses the production of parts, equipment, and products involved in air conditioning, water heating and cooling, and overall heating and cooling units for commercial construction, homes, and some transportation equipment. According to the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC), Mexico is home to more than 600 companies dedicated to the HVAC industry. Many of these HVAC manufacturers are tier 1, 2, and 3 companies located within Mexico's various industry clusters.

Given the rapid, steady growth of the aerospace and automotive brands in the country, the demand for commercial heating furnaces and systems for heat treatment has created a booming HVAC market around the world in addition to consumer housing. As a result, Mexico has become home to a wide range of HVAC products, from vacuum pumps to ventilation parts. As the global economy continues to improve, Mexico’s HVAC industry will also expand and become more active in the global market; market research reports place HVAC sales growth at as much as 25 percent per year as air conditioning technologies continue to expand across the world in both the commercial and private sector.

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Key Mexico HVAC Industry Reports and Statistics


of HVAC units shipped in the U.S. are produced by companies with Mexico manufacturing

Seven major HVAC manufacturing brands account for approximately 90 percent of all heating and air conditioning systems shipped in the United States; all of these HVAC equipment companies have HVAC manufacturing sites in Mexico.

$4 billion

in annual exports of air conditioners generated annually

Mexico’s annual air conditioner exports to the USA and across the world are valued at USD $4 billion, ranking it in the top three exporters in the world. This makes Mexico one of the largest and fastest-growing air conditioner exporters, with over 41 percent growth in the industry over the past five years.


companies operate in Mexico’s HVAC industry countrywide

According to the WEDC, more than 600 companies operate in Mexico’s HVAC industry across the country. There are 400 companies alone that manufacture heating systems.

Start-Up Smartly with Tetakawi’s HVAC Advantage

Whether you’re thinking about manufacturing HVAC systems in Mexico or you’re already there, Tetakawi can help your company launch, operate, and thrive in the country’s robust HVAC manufacturing industry. With over 34 years of experience in the Mexican manufacturing landscape, we've done market research and are experienced in helping HVAC manufacturers set up maquiladoras in Mexico. Our top services for heating and air conditioner manufacturers are built on strategy, driven by experience, and tailored to meet your global operation’s unique needs. Though we’re the largest shelter services provider in Mexico, our hands-on approach for helping commercial HVAC manufacturers means that you can rely on a trusted partner to guide you through every step of establishing your brand and thriving in a competitive market. We can help your HVAC company:

  • Select the right site for your HVAC manufacturing company
  • Configure legal, organizational, and support structures across each division
  • Recruit, train, and retain your company employees
  • Manage all admin functions from finance and accounting to labor and globalcustoms
  • Keep things running smoothly from initial launch through ongoing company operations
  • and so much more – we do the heavy administrative lifting for brands so that your team can focus on your competitive advantage: HVAC manufacturing excellence.

Launch your HVAC manufacturing operation in Mexico confidently with comprehensive support from Tetakawi.

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Manufacturing Communities

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FAQs About HVAC Manufacturing in Mexico

Which of the major manufacturing companies in Mexico export HVAC systems to the United States?

In the USA, about 90 percent of all HVAC products shipped each year are manufactured by seven major companies, all of which have manufacturing operations in the Mexico HVAC industry. These companies include Carrier Corporation, Goodman Manufacturing Company, Rheem Manufacturing, Company, Trane Inc., York International Corporation, Lennox International, Inc., and Nordyne Corporation. Mexico’s free trade agreements make the country particularly popular for North America companies looking to manufacture and export heating and air conditioning systems in the country.


Where do HVAC manufacturers locate their facilities in Mexico?

In many regions in Mexico that are ideal for top manufacturers, the automotive and aerospace industries share infrastructure and labor expertise with the HVAC industry. Mexico’s top HVAC manufacturing states include those with significant auto or aerospace clusters – such as Queretaro and Guanajuato – in addition to Chihuahua, Tamaulipas, Nuevo León, Mexico City, and Coahuila. To learn more about Mexico’s HVAC manufacturing regions, or get help choosing a location for your commercial HVAC equipment, explore our site selection services.


Why HVAC Manufacturing in Mexico?

Major HVAC manufacturing companies have set up bases in Mexico to fortify their commercial operations. The country’s competitive advantage, skilled workforce, and high-standard commercial infrastructure have made it one of the fastest-growing HVAC manufacturing hubs in the world. Here are some advantages of manufacturing HVAC systems, equipment and products in Mexico.

Skilled Workforce

Mexico’s layered educational system produces laborers with trade-specific skills and degrees ready to offer their knowledge and services to HVAC manufacturers. Additionally, over 100,000 engineers graduate from local universities and technical schools each year, providing companies with efficiencies beyond just simple manufacturing and basic assembly. These skilled workers can work in any division in the company and help your commercial operations grow.

Low Labor Costs

The Mexico market boasts lower manufacturer labor costs, with companies saving up to 50% on it alone when they move HVAC system operations to the country. A manufacturer's overhead costs, such as real estate and utilities, are also cheaper; businesses also enjoy significant tax refunds. The closer proximity is also beneficial when importing and exporting products, equipment, and HVAC systems to and from North America.

Close Proximity

USA companies with manufacturing hubs in Mexico have the market advantage of proximity. It’s easy to fly (or even drive) to visit their factories, and communication is more seamless as there is little to no time difference.

Minimized Risks

By operating under a shelter program like Tetakawi, HVAC manufacturing companies that operate in Mexico have virtually zero legal risk. Air conditioning and heating  manufacturers can operate as designed, leaving legal and administrative work, including maintaining compliance with Mexican laws, to their company partner.


How can HVAC Suppliers Manufacturing in Mexico See Growth?

Mexico is a stronghold for HVAC products, suppliers, and manufacturing. In 2019, the country exported roughly $1.4 billion in air conditioners alone (mainly to the USA), with over 41% growth in the HVAC industry over the past five years.

Global demand for HVAC equipment and systems is poised to grow, with the market projected to register a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.1% from 2020 through 2027 in the global HVAC systems market. This is due to the growing housing demand in the USA and the increase in incentives for energy-efficient equipment and improved ventilation systems that compel households to upgrade their existing HVAC products.

HVAC manufacturers need to provide high-quality systems at cost-effective rates to meet expanding global demand. Mexico, a long-standing stronghold for HVAC manufacturing, offers the workforce, commercial infrastructure, and resources to keep up with the industry do it. With large companies having already set up their HVAC factories, and more businesses following suit, the potential for commercial HVAC supplier manufacturing to grow in Mexico will see a consistent positive trend.


How to Start Your HVAC Operation With Tetakawi?

With the growing HVAC demand, global suppliers must create effective strategies to ensure that they can efficiently provide products and equipment to their clients and customers–this is where Tetakawi can help your heating and air conditioning systems company.

If you’re a company looking to start your HVAC operation in Mexico, Tetakawi can offer systems and solutions designed to maximize your success in the growing market. From services ranging from advisory to support to manufacturing communities, Tetakawi can guide you through the administrative, legal, logistic, financial, and operational requirements needed to establish HVAC factories in the country, helping you land safely on the ground and breeze through operations for the long-term. Contact Tetakawi today to get started on your successful entry into the Mexican HVAC market.

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