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Hiring in the Manufacturing Industry

The Challenges of Hiring in the Manufacturing Industry

The challenges of recruiting and hiring in the manufacturing industry are well documented. The skills gap of company employees is real, and it’s only getting worse in the manufacturing industry. In order to attract and retain top talent, manufacturing companies need to be proactive in their approach to talent acquisition, recruiting, and onboarding–there are a few key things that companies should keep in mind when hiring a workforce in the manufacturing industry.

Image of Manufacturing

Workers tend to look at the manufacturing industry as boring and outdated. This is more of an image problem, and in order to combat this perception, companies need to sell the manufacturing industry as an exciting and innovative place for employees to work.

There are many ways to find and recruit candidates for the job, but one way is to focus on the cutting-edge technologies that are being used in manufacturing today. This is especially important if you want to find the younger generation of professionals and workers.

Retiring Company Employees

The manufacturing industry is full of retiring employees and workers who move on to other career paths. This means that there is a lot of workforce turnover, and manufacturing companies need to be prepared to hire for those job positions quickly. One way to do this is to have a strong recruiting talent pipeline in place–this can be accomplished by working with schools and training programs to identify potential job candidates for your manufacturing company. 

Manufacturing recruiting and hiring is also something that Tetakawi can help with. Our services recruit more than 10,000 employees in Mexico every year, which means we have a lot of experience identifying top talent and maintaining a strong workforce pipeline for manufacturing companies.

A Global Manufacturing Industry

It’s important to remember that the manufacturing industry is global. This means that manufacturing companies need to be open to hiring workers from other countries. In many cases, these workers will have the skills that are needed to fill the skills gap in your company.

In addition, because the manufacturing industry is global and highly interconnected, many manufacturers have a workforce in more than one location. This is where our recruiting services come in. When you're operating in multiple locations, you have to follow the business laws and regulations of each location (for example, for payroll company purposes). By outsourcing your business’ set-up and launch management to us, you can avoid legal business problems in Mexico.

Automation and Robotization

Automation and robotization are changing the landscape of manufacturing; in addition to hiring new company employees, you need to be prepared to train existing employees on new manufacturing technologies. This also means that the hiring criteria for manufacturing jobs and operations is changing. In addition to traditional career skills like welding or machining, employers are now looking for job candidates with skills in programming and robotics.

As the manufacturing industry evolves and hiring strategies change, our goal is to stay on top of things and keep providing manufacturers with useful, knowledgeable, and modern talent.

How to Attract and Retain Top Talent in the Manufacturing Industry

In order to attract and retain top talent in the manufacturing industry, each employer needs to focus on three key things when recruiting manufacturing employees:

Creating Highly Effective Job Descriptions

This means that the job description should be clear, concise, and focus on the specific skills and experience that you are looking for in the manufacturing team that you hire. We can help you with hiring for fill over twenty manufacturing-related positions for your business.

It’s also important to sell the management job–this is where you can highlight the exciting aspects of the job and the manufacturing company. Remember, many potential employees look at the manufacturing industry as boring and outdated, so it’s important to sell the job in a way that will appeal to the workers.

Offering Competitive Salaries and Benefits

Another important aspect of attracting top talent for your company is offering competitive salaries and benefits to your prospective employees. This is especially important in the manufacturing industry, where salaries are often lower than in other industries.

In Mexico, the average salary for a manufacturing worker is around 22,000 MXN per month. This is lower than the average salary in other industries, such as chemical engineering, where workers make an average of 56,000 MXN per month. So, if you can offer an average salary that is above 22,000 MXN per month, you will be able to attract top talent and candidates for your company.

Looking in the Right Places

When you are recruiting for top talent, it’s important to look in the right places for workers. There are many great sources of potential job candidates, but some services are better than others and will help you find better candidates for your manufacturing company. One of the best places to look for top talent is within your company. Many times, the best job candidates are already employed by your company–they may be looking for a better opportunity, or they may just need to be inspired to stay with your company.

Another great place to look for candidates is a shelter (or offshore) service like ours. We have a large database of qualified candidates that are looking for manufacturing jobs. Finally, don't forget social media–as the manufacturing industry evolves, you'll want to look for tech savvy youngsters with an interest in robots.

Steps of Talent Acquisition and Onboarding in Manufacturing

The talent acquisition and recruiting process can be divided into four steps: seeking, screening, interviewing, and hiring.

Seeking a qualified workforce requires employers to actively search for and find qualified candidates to join the team. Screening is the process of reviewing resumes and applications to identify job candidates that meet the specific qualifications that your business is looking for. To screen candidates, employers must compare the potential employees qualifications against the job requirements. Interviewing is the process of meeting with candidates to learn more about their skills and experience; the goal is to identify the best candidate for the job. Finally, hiring is the process of extending an offer to the candidate that you have chosen for the management position.

You can outsource each of these recruiting steps to Tetakawi if you’re looking to expand your business to Mexico. Because we hire over 10,000 workers every year, we have a highly organized and optimized hiring process in place so we can bring your business the best talent out there.

However, once a candidate has been hired, it’s your job to onboard them properly onto the management or manufacturing team. There are many great ways to onboard new hires, but one of the easiest and most effective ways is to have a dedicated onboarding group. An onboarding program is a process that helps new employee hires adjust to their new job and company. It can include services like orientations, training, and mentorship programs.

A good onboarding program will help new hires feel welcome, respected, and valued by the business. It will also help them learn about their new job and company so they can be as successful as possible in their career.

Get the Best Candidates for Your Team in Mexico

Each year, Tetakawi recruits more than 10,000 workers in Mexico to fill vacancies for the staff of small, medium and large manufacturing companies. With over 33 years of experience fulfilling the most demanding requirements in the manufacturing industry, our recruiting services are proven to attract and retain the best candidates for your team, from recruitment through talent retention.

Flexible, Effective, and Guaranteed Solutions

Companies look to Tetakawi to fill one, tens, or even hundreds of direct labor positions in a short period of time. They look to us for hard to find technical positions, skilled or trainable workers, and experienced supervisors and leaders to ensure business and operational continuity and performance.

Here are some of the positions that our recruiting experts can help your company fill: 




Clerical Staff



Tool Makers



Project Managers




Security Personnel




Material Handlers

Maintenance Staff





Environmental Staff


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