Start Up Services For Manufacturing In Mexico

With Tetakawi experts as your trusted partner, you’ll be able to start up and expand into Mexico with speed and confidence.

Start-Up Support To Help You Succeed in Mexico

When you leverage our knowledge, infrastructure, support network, and economies of scale, you can shorten the potentially lengthy – and costly – learning curve associated with establishing a manufacturing presence in Mexico.

Start Up Made Simple

Set up your own facility in as few as 3 months with our four-phase program.

Phase 1: PREPARE

Getting established in Mexico begins with appropriately configuring legal, organizational, and support structures. Tetakawi helps you with:

  • Configuring legal entities
  • Identifying support networks
  • Selecting and developing compliant sites
  • Estimating start-up and ongoing costs
  • Developing human resource and skills support
  • Considering your supply chain and logistics
  • Considering manufacturing technology transfer and information systems
  • Assessing risk
Executives Planning an Expansion into Mexico
Company Manufacturing in Mexico

Phase 2: LAUNCH

Once preparation is complete, the next step is executing your plan to begin production, including transfer, installation, and training. Tetakawi helps you with:

  • Real estate and utility infrastructure
  • Production assets and technology
  • Production materials
  • Compensation and retention strategy
  • Job descriptions and initial recruitment
  • Training
  • Production
  • Quality control
  • Delivery
  • Compliance processes

Phase 3: OPERATE

Operation begins with production and continues with the ongoing activities and support needed to ensure your customer and shareholder expectations are met. Tetakawi helps you with:

  • Ongoing employee recruitment
  • Employee retention activities
  • Operating cost management
  • Supply-chain and logistics development
  • Regulatory compliance adherence
  • Risk management
  • Support network development
Foreign Company Manufacturing in Mexico
Our People - Tetakawi

Phase 4: THRIVE

Congratulations – you’ve established operations! Planning and optimizing your long-term strategy ensures that your business will continue to thrive. Tetakawi helps you with:

  • Operating cost reduction
  • Materials delivery and costs
  • Transitioning any outsourced functions
  • Talent retention
  • Ongoing risk management
  • Ongoing customer-needs inclusion

Talk to a Tetakawi expert to learn how we can help you set up in Mexico.