Electronics Manufacturing: The Benefits of Establishing Your Electronic Manufacturing Services in Mexico

One of the first nearshoring markets in the country, Mexico’s well-established electronics manufacturing industry is a powerhouse in consumer and commercial electronic production.

Mexico’s High-Powered Electronics Manufacturing Industry Is Prospering on a Global Level

From Ultra HD TVs to digital LCD signage and PCBs, Mexico is a top producer of televisions, screens, and many other electronics products for both home and commercial use. As one of the first manufacturing industries to develop under Mexico’s maquiladora program, electronics manufacturing in Mexico has been well-established for decades providing global electrical design testing, creating jobs, and enhancing automation in areas such as circuit board assembly for countless electronic manufacturers. No matter what part of the industry you play in, there is a place for you in the Mexican market.

Some of the foremost names in electronics manufacturing – like LG, Sony, Samsung, and Vizio – all produce customer products in Mexico. With a talented, cost-effective labor pool, direct access to high-demand customer markets in the United States, and a network of trade agreements that makes product export accessible and profitable, electronics manufacturing in Mexico is prospering. The electronics assembly industry in Mexico boasts several top technology exports: the country is the largest exporter of flat-screen TVs globally, the second largest exporter of electronics to the United States, and the eighth largest producer of electronics overall.

As technology innovation continues and the importance of electronics becomes more deeply embedded in today’s digital age, Mexico’s electronics manufacturing industry shows no signs of slowing, as it continues to provide advanced manufacturing services and the assembly of electronic equipment. The country's manufacturing services are producing a high volume of electronic equipment every year with great efficiency. According to some estimates, growth in the global electronics manufacturing industry sector is expected to increase in the coming years as more customer devices are produced.

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Key Mexico Electronic Production Statistics

$5 billion

is invested per year in Mexico’s electronics manufacturing industry

Notable investors in Mexico’s electronics manufacturing sector include Dell, LG, Sony, Toshiba, Samsung, RCA, Phillips, Panasonic, Siemens, and Vizio, as well as many OEM and ODM manufacturers. Whether manufacturing software for the end user and technology components, additional companies and providers continue to invest in the electronics industry every year. EMS companies come to Mexico because of the strong industry and ease of product distribution.


largest producer of electronics worldwide

Mexico is home to some of the biggest global technology companies in the industry. Access to international markets and advantageous trade agreements accommodate for easy export of electronic device production. Efficient systems, including the components supply chain and global export processes, play a key role in supporting electronic manufacturing companies.

20 million

TVs are produced per year in Tijuana alone

Baja California is Mexico’s Silicon Valley, with over 200 electronics companies operating in the region. Tijuana is a top production city and produces leading electronic equipment and products – including more than 20 million TVs per year.

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FAQs About Electronic Manufacturing Services in Mexico

What are the most popular locations for technology manufacturing in Mexico?

Mexico’s aerospace industry has five key clusters: Sonora, Baja California, Chihuahua, Nuevo Leon, and Queretaro. In particular, Sonora offers a specialty in aerospace supply chains that allow for quality product production and competitive costs.

Though the Baja California region is often looked to as a consumer technology hotspot, Mexico’s electronics assembly industry is widespread. You can locate your electronics manufacturing services in the area that best meets your production needs. The northwest is known for telecommunications, aerospace equipment, and automotive products; the central corridor for technology sub-assemblies; the northeast for computers and home appliances. For an overview of each production location or to get help choosing a location for your electronic manufacturing services, explore our site selection services.


Given the technical precision and skill required for electronics manufacture, how does Mexico’s labor market compete?

According to statistics from ANUIES (the National Association of Universities and Institutions of Higher Education), more than 125,000 students specializing in engineering, manufacturing, and construction graduate annually in Mexico. Samsung's Center for Digital Research and Technological Development is also located in the city of Tijuana. Mexico offers engineering and design professionals, electronic experts, and skilled tech providers that can help your electronics manufacturing services (EMS) grow. These professionals can help with everything from product design and functional testing to inventory management and the manufacturing process. Mexico competes very well in the industrial market and offers a labor force who can work in production facilities, test electronic products, design technology innovations, manage company operations, complete demand projections, manage supply chain, and beyond. Whatever your talent your services needs, we can help you attract and hire the right employees from recruitment to retention. Manufacturers rely on these individuals to keep their company operations running smoothly.


What kinds of electronics are made in Mexico?

There is a mix of five significant manufacturing subsectors in the electronic industry: audio/video, personal and business computing, semiconductors, communications technology, and optical instruments. At 25 percent of total electronics export revenue, flat-screen television production – including plasma, LCD, and LED product classes – is the largest costumer electronics product class manufactured in Mexico. No matter what type of electronic products you manufacture, there is a place for you in Mexico's electronic equipment industry.

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