Tetakawi Softlanding

As a new Tetakawi client, you may be wondering what happens after your contract is signed. We make the transition of establishing your operations in our Manufacturing Communities as seamless as possible. At Tetakawi, we believe that your initial experience in establishing your manufacturing operations should be highly successful and set the stage for you to quickly reach your full potential.

A dedicated Tetakawi Project Manager is assigned to smoothly manage the myriad details of establishing a manufacturing plant in Mexico, and our highly experienced service teams ensure that your production starts within the time-frame agreed upon in the contract. Additionally, each service team provides onboarding training in their dedicated area to ensure your success.


Meet the Facilities Management Team

Whether it's new construction or an existing building that fits your needs, your dedicated project manager and our Facilities Management team will deliver a facility according to your specifications. The building  starts with an architectural layout and a plan for completion of each milestone in the construction process. Our Facilities Management team helps ensure smooth construction and renovation for your plant, including management of:

  • Permits and authorizations required to start construction or renovation
  • Utility requirements: gas (where available), electric, water, sewer, garbage
  • Production areas: floor specifications, power requirements, HVAC, water, ventilation, lighting
  • Non-production areas: office space, restrooms, cafeteria, lockers, HVAC, water, lighting, chemical storage (hazardous and non-hazardous)
  • Building access: shipping and receiving areas, docks, building entry and reception
  • Safety and security requirements: compliant with OEA and Civil Protection
  • Signage

Your New Client Training includes building infrastructure maintenance, park and common area maintenance, parking, safety and security, landscaping, pest control, and utilities issues.

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Meet the Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) Team

Our EHS team works closely with you to acquire all necessary permits, licenses and authorizations required to operate in our Manufacturing Communities in compliance with EHS regulations in Mexico. The team also submits required regulatory reports on your behalf. At the start of operations, the EHS team will walk you through:

  • Acquisition of an operating license
  • Submittal of environmental impact, residual waste water, and emissions reports
  • Determination of how hazmat will be contained
  • Establishment of a safety committee in compliance with Civil Protection requirements

Your New Client Training includes coverage of permits required, compliance with SAT (STPS) requirements, and business continuity in case of natural disasters.

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Meet the Import/Export Team

Our Import and Export team will work with you to fill out a questionnaire to determine Customs and Import and Export requirements. In collaboration with you, the team will help acquire initial permits and licenses to begin importation of raw materials and exportation of finished goods, including:

  • Importer Registry
  • Duty Reduction Programs, e.g. USMCA (NAFTA), PROSEC
  • VAT Certification
  • OEA – formerly known as NEEC, this is Mexico's equivalent of C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism)
  • US Customs Broker Selection & Bond

Your New Client Training includes information on US and Mexican Customs regulations and broker relations, import/export (inventory management, tariff classifications, duty reduction programs, IMMEX, OEA, VAT Certification, and importer/exporter of record), cross-dock services and freight piece handling and management, and other pertinent Mexican Government requirements.

Learn more about our Import/Export services. 


Meet the Human Resources Team

Factory start-up staffing begins with the hiring of the Plant Manager based on your profile and job description for the position. Our Human Resources team works with you to establish a staffing plan, including:

  • Recruitment
  • Employee selection and hiring
  • Compensation requirements

Your New Client Training includes recruiting, selection, and hiring best practices, employee administration (onboarding, medical services, and legal disputes), labor union negotiations, payroll and benefits administration, and coverage of employer of record in Mexico.

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Meet the Purchasing Team

Working closely with you, our purchasing team, will help you establish Mexico suppliers, vendors and service providers and implement purchasing solutions for the most cost-effective operation, including:

  • Service providers (electrical, voice and data, water and sewer, waste and trash, natural gas where available, and calibration services)
  • Vendors and suppliers for tools, chemicals, MROs, safety and PPE, security systems, packaging materials

Your New Client Training is provided on local vendor management, purchase ordering systems, and vendor payment.

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Meet the Accounting and Tax Team

Our Accounting and Tax team supports in fiscal compliance with the appropriate authorities. Your New Client Training is provided to ensure our you understand the complex regulations associated with VAT reimbursements, income tax calculations, insurances (life, medical, auto, property, liability, and in-transit), accounting, vendor payment management, credit terms, and client billing.

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Additional Soft-Landing Services

In addition to operational support, Tetakawi’s services also ensure that expats working in our manufacturing communities and their families settle into their new roles without difficulty. Some of the services provided include:

  • Obtaining immigration documents
  • Finding housing
  • Importation of household furnishings
  • Finding the right schools
  • General orientation to living in Mexico

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