Import Export Services for Manufacturing in Mexico

Reduce border crossing times and keep the goods in your supply chain moving – without the headaches.

Keep Your Goods Moving Without Delay

Our Mexico Import & Export Administration Service is powered by advanced IES Technology, which provides immediate and relevant data flow to and from every part of your supply chain. Combined with our economies of scale and 33 years of experience perfecting the border crossing process, your goods will smoothly flow across the border with complete visibility, at rapid speed and in total compliance with all regulatory authorities.

The Most Comprehensive Import & Export Service in Mexico

Permits, Certifications, & Business Registrations
  • Importer Registry
  • IMMEX Registration
  • PROSEC / RULE8 Registration/Application
  • VAT Certification
  • NEEC / OEA Certification
  • Import Permits (wood, chemical, radioactive, defense and others)
Import and Export Data Management
  • Item Master
  • Bill of Materials
  • System Interface with ERP
  • Customs Controls
Outbound Transaction Management
  • Relationship and Coordination with Customs Brokers & Freight Carriers
  • Commercial Invoice Preparation
  • Pedimento Processing & Management
  • Prior Notice of Arrival
  • Border Clearance & Intensive Examination Monitoring & Resolution
Mexico Regulatory Compliance & Controls
  • Goods Classification - HTSMX
  • Annex 24 and Annex 31
  • Inventory Reconciliation, Aging & Change of Status
  • NAFTA, EUR, MERCOSUR, and other
  • PROSEC and RULE8 (Duty Reduction)
  • Audit Management (Internal & External)
  • Customs Legal Representation
U.S.-Mexico Cross Docking
  • Freight Handling
  • Freight Content Identification
  • Freight Discrepancy & Damage Reporting & Resolution
  • Pre- and Post-Border Crossing Freight Processing & Visibility
Virtual Import and Export Customs Transaction
  • Commercial Invoice Preparation
  • Virtual Importer and Exporter Relationship Management
  • Pedimento Opening & Closing Management & Problem Resolution
U.S. Regulatory Compliance & Controls and Goods Trading
  • Goods Classification - HTSUS
  • CBP Relations
  • ITAR (MLA’s & TAA’s)
  • Export Administration
  • Rules of Origin for Marking
  • Valuation & Reconciliation
  • Prior Disclosure
  • Duty Drawback
  • Audit Management
Inbound Transaction Management
  • Relationship and Coordination with Customs Brokers & Freight Carriers
  • Pre-Border Crossing Inspection
  • Commercial Invoice Preparation
  • Duty Calculation & Application of Duty Reduction Programs
  • Trade Agreement Eligibility
  • Pedimento Processing & Management
  • Export Declaration Processing
  • Border Clearance & Intensive Examination Monitoring & Resolution
  • Recordkeeping & ISO 9001:2015
  • Customs Control Software
  • Ongoing Education & Law Updates
  • After hours & Expedited Services

Professional Mexico Import Export Services

Tetakawi supports corporate clients looking for efficient, cost-effective, and reliable cross-border import and export services. We have extensive knowledge of rail, road, air, and sea logistics, international material documentation, and the expertise to ensure your imported or exported products are fully traceable, compliant, and processed through international trading customs quickly and safely.

Our capable teams can implement data control services to inspect bills of lading, certificates of conformity, duty declarations, and international audit reports. We can provide a customized range of export or import services to help you navigate each touch point and deliver assurance that your goods are in transit and adhere to every applicable import export regulation.

Managing Material Logistics for International Trade

Experiencing shipping delays, having goods or materials stuck at customs service centers, or lengthy bottlenecks during paperwork audits can cause no end of cost, stress, and impacts on business productivity. Having a professional Mexico import and export specialist on your side can remove backlogs, prevent downtime or missed critical paths and highlight opportunities to streamline your services to make exporting or importing more efficient and ultimately more profitable.

Reconciliation reporting services are essential for businesses engaged in any element of export or import in any business sector, verifying accurate counts and logs to confirm that the goods you are importing or exporting have been dispatched in full from customs material bays.

Corporate Compliance Services for Mexico Imports and Exports

Trade compliance services can make a marked difference to import and export costs, identifying the specific requirements, regulations, laws, or restrictions relevant to the imports required for your business processes.

We provide comprehensive compliance management services to ensure that all trade shipments adhere to IMMEX regulations, whether southbound raw materials, component inbound consignments, or northbound exports of finished goods heading to or from any international location. Our advisors can assess your scheduled import consignments, advise on any changes to conformity rules and support the import process end-to-end, from troubleshooting services to liaising with local transport services.

Essential elements of our services related to import and export coordination include: 

  • Traffic management and real-time reporting
  • Operational support services to expedite customs clearance
  • Logistical coordination services between offshore and onshore parties
  • Trade agreement compliance verification services
  • Managed documents, reports, and trade permits, including packing lists, pedimentos, and commercial invoicing documentation
  • Inspection of tariffs on export or import goods to confirm correct rates
  • Inventory control processes

Tetakawi ensures that our international business clients remain the importer of record when importing raw materials or exporting finished products. They also benefit from dialogues between reputable brokerages and negotiations on either side of the border, with capable, experienced services at every stage in the logistics supply chain.

Our role is to deliver reliable solutions and dependable outcomes while ensuring that the necessary customs paperwork and licenses are in place. 

Efficient Real-Time Data Flows for Offshore Businesses

One of the most significant challenges for international trade partners is retaining always-on oversight of compliance checks and having the trust that their business documentation, high-value products, and customs agents have secured an efficient clearance process, particularly important services for time-sensitive trade products or components required for immediate import or export.

Tetakawi delivers a customized interface with electronic data interchange (EDI) functionality that automates many of the manual processes with services such as invoice generation, processing shipping documents, or updating bills of materials or lading.

We deliver technologically advanced tools alongside a thorough knowledge of the export and import market and regulations in Mexico to ensure that materials flow quickly, at low cost, and without delay to their intended destination, regardless of the transfer method or logistical services required.

Ready to start importing and exporting in Mexico?