Get To Know The Hermosillo Workforce

The population of Hermosillo and surrounding communities within 50 miles is approximately 900,000 people.

In line with the city’s rich manufacturing history, Hermosillo’s education network allows for a skilled workforce, trained to work in an operations environment.


Basic Education


High School Completion


Technical or Higher Education Degree

Distance to U.S. Border

Hermosillo is located 178 miles south of the U.S. border town Nogales, Arizona.

International Airport and Seaport

There's an international airport in Hermosillo that enables quick travel and transport for U.S. companies moving across border lines, and provides services to over 1.3 million travelers annually.

The closest seaport, the Port of Guaymas is only 80 miles away.

International Road and Rail Networks

Hermosillo is part of the Ferromex rail line that transports goods domestically and internationally. The city is also connected to many domestic highways, along with 2 international highways, I-15 and I-14.

Connected Infrastructure in Hermosillo

Home to the Hermosillo International Airport, the city has access to markets spanning across the globe.

A 3-hour drive to the U.S. border, Hermosillo is located along Mexico’s Interstate 15, which connects to the U.S. and Canada via international highway I-10. The city also has robust connections to major industrial cities in Mexico, and a “Hassle-Free-Zone” specifically for vehicles transporting goods from the U.S. to Mexico.

A 60-minute drive to Guaymas allows for deep-water port access to imports and exports made by sea. Hermosillo is also a hub for Mexico’s international rail service.

Benefit from Hermosillo's Manufacturing Industry

Hermosillo’s manufacturing industry caters mainly to automotive production due to the city’s foundation in automotive parts. Hermosillo’s Ford Stamping and Assembly plant was established in 1986.

In recent years, aerospace manufacturing companies have flocked to Hermosillo to take advantage of the city’s transferrable expertise.

In 2016, the government invested an initial USD $2 Million in aerospace research and development at Hermosillo’s Institute of Technology.

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Thinking About Manufacturing in Hermosillo?

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