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Reshoring Production from China to Mexico

Learn how manufacturing in Mexico compares to China.

Manufacturing in Mexico vs China

Are you considering re-shoring your production to North America? COVID-19, tariffs, natural disasters, and political conflict have seriously disrupted global supply chains. Many companies are thinking about re-shoring options. Mexico is a low-cost alternative within the North American trade zone, but how does it compare to China?

Register for our webinar and join us as we discuss the pros and cons of manufacturing in Mexico vs. China, modes of entry into Mexico, popular locations , real estate costs, wages, and more.

In this webinar your will learn:

Manufacturing Costs in Mexico vs China.
Modes of Entry for Manufacturing in Mexico.
Benefits of IMMEX Program.
Popular manufacturing locations in Mexico.
Industrial Real Estate costs in Mexico.
Best practices for hiring employees in Mexico.
... and much, much more.

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