Manufacturing in Monterrey

A sprawling metropolis in northern Mexico, Monterrey is a manufacturing hub that is home to nearly every major industry.

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Monterrey Manufacturers Are Thriving in Northern Mexico

Surrounded by jagged mountains, Monterrey is the third-largest city in Mexico. It is the capital of the state of Nuevo Leon, establishing it as the commercial, industrial, educational, and transportation hub of northern Mexico. Manufacturing in Monterrey has historically accounted for nearly a quarter of Nuevo Leon's GDP and over 60 percent of the state's exports. Located just two hours from the U.S. border, Monterrey is conveniently situated for efficient, cost-effective logistics and customs activity. Low labor costs, high-quality facilities and industrial parks, and government-backed incentives make Monterrey an appealing choice for manufacturers across automotiveaerospacemedical devices, and many other industries. The city also produces most of Mexico's steel for convenient sourcing access.

  • Two international airports, an international railway network, proximity to major regional and international highways, and an inland port make Monterrey easily accessible to markets worldwide.
  • Monterrey’s vibrant scholastic atmosphere attracts skilled working professionals that enrich the area’s academic experience, including the Tecnológico de Monterrey (ITESM) network of schools. The labor force is educated and skilled, making compensation competitive.
  • Though Monterrey is an economic powerhouse and one of the foremost manufacturing locations in Mexico, it is also home to a dynamic cultural and educational landscape.



Distance to U.S. Border:

149 Miles from McAllen, Texas

International Airport:

Monterrey International Airport

International Road & Rail:

Fed. Mex 40, Mex 100, Mex 85

Ferromex, Kansas City Southern Mexico Rail Services

Avg. Hourly Wage:

USD $3.49

Number of Maquiladoras:


Avg. Monthly Lease Rate:

USD $0.40 per ft²

Avg. Monthly Turnover:


What to Know About Manufacturing in Monterrey

Strategic Location

Situated just below Texas, a short two-hour drive connects Monterrey to multiple border crossings. Monterrey also has 50 major industrial parks spread across five industrial areas. The Monterrey International Airport is one of the fastest-growing in Mexico.

Growing Workforce

The region's technical schools are renowned for engineering and IT talent. The UANL network of schools is the third-largest in Mexico and includes 26 colleges, 22 graduate divisions, 24 high schools, three technical high schools, and a bilingual education center.

Existing Industry

Aerospace, automotive, HVAC, and medical devices are Monterrey’s top industries. Global brands KIA, IKEA, Whirlpool, and John Deere have locations in the area. Electronics manufacturing in Monterrey accounts for 30 percent of Mexico’s national exports.

Quality of Life

Monterrey is popular with foreign nationals and is considered one of the most “Americanized” cities in Mexico. It has the highest per capita income in the country and affords many conveniences. Recent revitalization of areas like Barrio Antiguo has created a thriving, safe atmosphere.

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