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According to 2015 INEGI census data, the city of Monterrey has a population of 1,135,550, but that number nearly quadruples when considering the metropolitan city’s surrounding areas, which brings the total number of inhabitants to over 4.5 million. The average age is 31, with a ratio of 51% women to 49% men.

Monterrey is home to many schools, universities, and technical institutions, and the city’s vibrant scholastic atmosphere also attracts skilled working professionals that further enrich the area’s academic experience. The Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon (UANL) is the third largest in Mexico, and boasts a network of 26 colleges (faculties), 22 graduate divisions, 24 high schools, 1 center of bilingual education and 3 technical high schools. Technical schools are also renowned in Monterrey, with Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Studies) being highly ranked for its engineering and IT programs.

26 Colleges (Faculties)

High Schools

Graduate Divisions

Distance to U.S. Border

Monterrey is just under 140 miles south of Laredo, Texas on the U.S. border.

International Airport and Seaport

There are two international airports that enable quick travel to the U.S. and beyond, as well as an
inland seaport for distribution and manufacturing.

International Road and Rail Networks

Monterrey has access to major highway networks, Mexico interstate I-40 and I-85, which both provide
international connections to the U.S. border. The city is also a hub for the international Ferromex rail

Connected Infrastructure in Monterrey

A short drive from the U.S. border, Monterrey is close to two border crossings, both in South Texas:
Laredo/Nuevo Laredo and McAllen-Hidalgo/Reynosa. The drive time from either Reynosa or Nuevo
Laredo is about two hours.

Monterrey is home to two international airports: General Mariano Escobedo International Airport
(which is served by major international carriers and moves upwards of than 6.5 million passengers
per year) and Del Norte International Airport, which is a primarily private but caters to business
travelers. The city is also home to an inland port, which enables shippers to use it as a distribution
and manufacturing hub.

The city links to Mexico’s international railway network, as well as several regional and international

Benefit from Monterrey's Manufacturing Industry

Monterrey is the third largest city in Mexico and is the capital of the state of Nuevo Leon – which also makes it the commercial, industrial, educational, and transportation hub of northern Mexico. As of 2017, the manufacturing in Monterrey accounted for nearly a quarter of state GDP and over 60% of the state’s exports.

The sprawling industrial center hosts notable global manufacturers from every major industry: aerospace, electronics, medical devices, and automotive. Some of Mexico’s largest brands call Monterrey home, including KIA, IKEA, Whirlpool, and John Deer. The city also produces most of Mexico’s steel, which makes it convenient for manufacturers who are looking to sourcing steel.

Automotive Industry

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