Are you maximizing international Customs opportunities?

In a rapidly changing trade environment, you can easily overpay or risk legal exposure for non-compliance. Most companies cannot devote the resources needed to ensure that their goods are properly classified and that they are taking advantage of every cost relief opportunity. The solution is accurate, reliable advice from people who have the time, expertise and experience to properly classify your goods and identify the optimal importation strategy.

How do you determine the right Customs strategy?

Classification: Making sure that you classify goods correctly and that you can support your decision if challenged are the critical first steps in determining a Customs strategy. In many cases, the correct classification is not obvious. It may be necessary to understand the way Customs officials will interpret your choice of a harmonized tariff code in order to provide the right supporting documents. Has transformation occurred? Determining whether it has or has not – and documenting the result – is crucial to rules of origin.

Tariffs and Duties: Knowing the tariffs and duties that apply follows from the classification and origin of the goods in question. But even if an item is subject to tariffs or duties, there may be relief programs available. Understanding what programs you are eligible to use – and how to apply for and comply with those programs – requires an awareness of the available options and vigilance for monitoring changes that alter the rules.

Free Trade Agreements: Mexico has more free trade agreements than any other country. That means many more opportunities for duty and tariff-free trade, but it also means that there are complexities in the rules for goods imported under one agreement that are exported under another. Just because an item has been imported into Mexico duty and tariff-free does not necessarily mean the finished product can be exported the same way to another free trade partner.

Penalties and Problems: A good plan will avoid most problems but anticipating and resolving errors, and disagreements is also part of an effective Customs strategy. Customs officials and border agents may dispute an interpretation or misapply a rule. Unintentional errors by the importer or exporter can also happen. Problems need to be resolved quickly to avoid excessive delays and escalating costs. A clear strategy along with appropriate documentation is a critical part of responding to any issues that arise.

Who can provide the support you need?

Tetakawi Customs experts manage more than $4.5 billion in cross border trade annually. We provide ongoing support for 75 international companies trading under multiple free trade agreements in a wide range of industries using every mode of transport and type of entry. We also advise international companies engaged only in trading activities with Mexico. Tetakawi Customs experts are specialists in:

  • Classification of goods
  • Applying for and using duty relief programs
  • Applying and complying with Free Trade agreements
  • Problem resolution and penalty mitigation

Working with a trusted advisor can make the Customs and border crossing process easier. Does your organization need to:

  • Make sure you are classifying goods correctly?
  • Reduce or eliminate duties or tariffs?
  • Make sure you are complying with Customs requirements?
  • Find out if you are using Free Trade Agreements to their full advantage?
  • Access a duty relief program?
  • Resolve a Customs disagreement or error?



How can Tetakawi help you find the right Customs strategy?

The Tetakawi Customs Analysis Service begins with a review of the classifications and import strategies that you currently have in place. We will recommend improvements and can help to implement those improvements including assisting you in recovering over-payments. If you are not currently importing to or exporting from Mexico but want a plan for a future strategy, we can help you put that together. If you already have a problem, we can help resolve a current dispute with Customs authorities and get your goods moving again.

Ready to make your Customs process accurate and cost-effective?

Contact us to speak with a Tetakawi Advisor.