Should you invest in a Mexican manufacturing facility?

There are plenty of reasons people say yes:

  • It’s the only low-cost country inside the North American free trade zone.
  • Wages are lower than in China.
  • It is a strategic defense against US-Chinese trade tensions.
  • Mexico is the gateway to the world with more free trade agreements than any other country.
  • Local capacity is well below demand.

All of this is true, but you need to decide how it applies to your strategy for your company. To do that, you need to know how doing business in Mexico will affect your company. There is a long list of factors that can affect the risk, cost or return of a Mexican strategy, including:

  • Business gateways
  • Corporate entities
  • Foreign ownership rules
  • Labor laws
  • Unionization
  • Environmental regulation
  • Taxation
  • Turnover
  • Infrastructure
  • Skills availability
  • Incentives
  • Security

Why rely on us to teach you about Mexico?

In the last thirty years, we have helped countless companies launch and grow their operations in Mexico. We currently support more than 75 foreign companies in different industries employing more than 24,000 people. We know how to do business in Mexico and we do it every day. Our in-house seminar programs are built on our experience and expertise. We do this by creating a program that addresses the specific issues your team needs to understand. Through our clients, we also know the challenges and pitfalls that individual companies face. In fact, the seminar program was developed by one of our former clients who is now a Tetakawi advisor.

Working with an expert in training can bring your team up to speed more swiftly. Does your organization:

  • Have a team that is just starting to consider a Mexico strategy?
  • Need a general introduction to doing business in Mexico?
  • Want to ensure everyone on your team is at a common level of knowledge?
  • Have four or more people that you want to learn about Mexico?
  • Have difficulty finding reliable information on any topic?
  • Need a common Mexican vocabulary to work with customers, suppliers or advisors?
  • Need confirmation about the validity of the information you have or want another perspective?


How can a Tetakawi In-House Seminar help your team?

A Tetakawi In-House Seminar starts with an interview to set the learning objectives for your session. If your company has no prior knowledge, we can build a program that will take them from the basics to making informed decisions on a Mexico strategy. On the other hand, if the team is already highly informed, we can address specific topics where your organization needs clarity or dig deeply into an issue you need to explore in more detail.

We bring the presentation to you. All you need to do is provide a room and invite up to 25 people to attend. Our presenter will guide your team through the material with plenty of time for questions and discussion. At the end, he or she will confirm that the learning objectives you set for us have been met. We also offer a follow-up phone conference to clear up any questions that arise after the seminar has ended.

Ready to get a detailed, customized seminar that can help your organization develop a Mexico strategy?

Contact us to talk with a Tetakawi Advisor.