Tetakawi Facilities Management

Our Facilities Management teams provide safe, secure, and well-kept parks that includes maintenance, grounds-keeping, and around-the-clock security surveillance. Our experts have years of established relationships with service providers, vendors, and the technical expertise needed to respond to most building-related issues efficiently.

With over 4 million square feet of industrial space in our manufacturing communities, Tetakawi also provides you with ample room for expansion. No matter the size of your operation, our Facilities Management teams ensures a clean, well-maintained work environment that facilitates optimal production results.


Strict Park Security, Safety, and Maintenance

Tetakawi takes personnel and property security very seriously. Each manufacturing community has implemented security and safety measures in compliance with OEA (the equivalent of C-TPAT) requirements. Surveillance equipment is installed throughout our parks and in your space. Access to the parks is strictly controlled, entry by commercial vehicles is closely checked, and guards are on duty 24/7 and make both scheduled and random rounds. Security personnel receive extensive, on-going safety and security training to ensure immediate response to any security breach or emergency.


Tetakawi also takes great pride in the aesthetic and functional maintenance of our parks. Planned preventive maintenance as well as day-to-day upkeep ensures our parks are in great condition and includes:


  • Common areas, including sports park if applicable
  • Streets, parking areas, street signals and lighting
  • Landscape and fumigation
  • Perimeter fencing repair
  • Water and sewer infrastructure
  • Water meter monitoring
  • Coordinate waste removal
  • Monitor power, gas, and voice/data lines


Building Maintenance and Repairs

Tetakawi clients operating in our manufacturing communities can expect their facilities to be fully functional as stipulated in their contracts. Our Facilities Management teams have experts in building maintenance and repair that are prepared to resolve a myriad of issues. Some of the services performed include:


  • Service on utilities (electric, water, sewer), HVAC, communication lines, sanitation facilities, janitorial services for non-production areas (offices, bathrooms, break rooms, etc.), and pest control
  • Annual preventive maintenance on all buildings, including original installations


Strong Service Provider Relations

In order to provide the best service and minimize interruptions to their productions, our Facilities Management teams build strong working relationships with approved service providers and vendors such as the governmental Power Company (CFE), data providers, water and waste management, and other private subcontractors.


Management of Tenant Improvements

Should you need to make improvements to the leased building to better suit your production needs, our skilled Facilities Management team will work closely with you to ensure proper installation of any special equipment and infrastructure that may be required. Our easy and efficient improvement process includes:


  • Review of any improvement plans and designs and delivery of appropriate recommendations as needed
  • Submittal of improvement projects to Tetakawi-approved subcontractors for competitive bids, which are reviewed thoroughly to ensure the best service and pricing for you
  • Supervision of all improvement and repair work performed by subcontractors to ensure compliance with applicable codes and standards

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