Tetakawi's HR Services in Mexico

Tetakawi’s extensive human resource infrastructure stems from over three decades of experience. Our Human Resources team ensures that employees feel safe, secure, and satisfied in their workplace. The extra care our HR team takes allows us to not only increase employee retention but also achieve your maximum potential.

With increased investment in technology and education, we study changes and trends in local and regional labor markets, and we’ve built an HR team that is highly skilled and knowledgeable in all aspects of labor management. With the aid of our custom Human Resources System, we easily manage over 24,000 employees for more than 75 Clients while maintaining strict compliance with Mexican Labor Laws. As a Tetakawi client, you can expect a stable, well-trained workforce at a competitive rate of pay to achieve your production goals.


Tailored Recruiting, Selection, and Hiring in Mexico

When you use our custom Human Resources System, our HR team searches for specific job position profile within our extensive database. Based on the results of the search, additional internal and external means of recruiting are deployed, and an applicant pool is created.

Selected interview candidates are first screened by our HR recruiting personnel with basic medical testing and eligibility for employment before they are presented for interviewing and hiring. Once employed, new hires receive on-boarding training to familiarize them with Tetakawi, the rules of employment, park safety, and security.


Advanced Training and Education

With demand increasing for high-skilled labor, Tetakawi has established training centers in our Manufacturing Communities that provide training with manufacturing equipment and advanced technical education. We also partner with local trade and government institutions to provide additional training resources for employees.

As governed by the Secretariat of Labor regulations, employees are required to receive workforce training, and a training plan must be established each year. Our HR team will work with you to ensure compliance with these requirements.


Detailed Employee Relations Management

As a Tetakawi client, you are assigned a designated HR Coordinator to liaise on matters pertaining to day-to-day employee relations, problem resolution, and employee terminations. The HR coordinator also interacts with other departments such as recruitment, selection and hiring, payroll, Social Security (IMSS), transportation, and medical services.

Because employee satisfaction is vital to maintaining a stable workforce, regular employee surveys are administered to monitor the work environment and make appropriate changes. We have implemented several programs to promote positive working and living conditions for employees, including adult education, a housing credit fund, recreational activities, child care in our Empalme manufacturing community, and client-supported celebrations and holidays.

All voluntary and involuntary terminations must be handled in compliance with Mexican Federal Labor Laws. Our labor management team works with you closely to ensure all legal and internal paperwork is processed and severance payments are made in a timely manner.


Mexico Labor Union Relations Management

Each year, Tetakawi leaders and Human Resources management from each Manufacturing Community negotiate the terms and conditions of the Collective Bargaining Agreement with the local Labor Union. Our teams seek a balance between your interests and that of the local labor market, so that the terms of the labor contract are favorable to all parties. Additionally, our HR teams maintain regular contact with labor unions to address any conflicts or disputes that may arise involving unionized workers.

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